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Cricket betting tips: What is a sports betting expert?




A cricket betting expert is a person who knows practically perfectly the world of sports betting with all its terminology, and the operation of the different types of bets. Moreover, he or she is able to give you some cricket betting tips you can follow to increase your odds. 


The expert must also control the bankroll management and know how to determine according to the bankroll and the profitability of the bet, to determine how much to bet in each case.


Of course it is someone who knows what events to bet on, although usually these experts in sports betting tend to focus on a sport or a competition, for example they can be real experts in tennis forecasts but know nothing about basketball.


Should I follow the advice of a betting expert?


The logic would be yes, although you should keep in mind that following this advice does not guarantee success since our bets are influenced by many other aspects that can lead to big losses.


In general, in life it is very intelligent to follow the advice of someone who knows more about any subject than we do. Betting is no exception and learning from a betting expert will provide us with information from the point of view of someone who has more knowledge and experience than we do.


Reading articles, books, watching videos through internet platforms or listening to podcasts will help us as long as the person we are learning from is truly an expert in sports betting.


Our recommendation is not to use the experts' advice as an absolute truth, but simply as an inspiration to create your own strategies and systems according to your possibilities and always playing responsibly.


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How to find good sports betting experts?

This question is really important and worth reading. The Internet offers infinite possibilities, so many that anyone can pretend to be who they are not and in this case know what they don't know. There will be many "experts" in sports betting whose only achievement has been to have intuition or a streak of 20 consecutive successes. And that is worthless.


A betting expert is determined by the Yield, which is the yield produced by the money wagered and the best indicator of the level of a bettor. Then there is the volume of bets placed, a better betting expert is the one who has a Yield of 3% in 8,000 bets than the one who has 10% in 20 bets.


It is also important to know in which amounts of odds he moves, if he only oscillates between 1.5 - 2.0 for example or if he contemplates odds of different values.


Finally, there is the liquidity of the markets on which you bet. It will certainly be more favorable to follow an expert in La Liga or Premier League betting than an expert in futsal or women's soccer.


In markets with a low volume of bets it is more difficult to "dissimulate" and as they expose a bet the odds will change. In high volume markets there is much more leeway.


Do betting experts make a living?

Depending on how much of an expert you are. Of course there are many people who make a living from sports betting in Spain and the rest of the world. Mainly it could be said that they are bettors of Asian bookmakers, which are the ones that offer the greatest facilities to users and the highest odds.


There are also cross betting bettors, such as those offered by the Betfair bookmaker, in which they do not compete against the house but against other users and find better opportunities to obtain benefits.


But in almost every country where gambling activity is developed, there are people who make a living from their results, as happens in the poker world.