IPL Betting

IPL betting: How to Choose your bet types




The best IPL betting websites allow you to bet on more than a dozen types of bets. Some of them are suitable for beginners. Others, such as matched betting, are best left to experts:



Handicaps / Spreads




Money line bets involve predicting the winner of a match. They're suitable for beginners, since all you need to do is pick a winner in a game. But let that fool you: predicting moneyline bets consistently is easier said than done.


Handicaps are types of bets in which you predict the amount of ground a team wins or loses in a game. Let's say you believe the Indians can beat the Royals by three lands in an IPL game. This type of bet can make you more money than simply predicting that Mumbai will beat the Royals.


Parlays are even more difficult to predict: you combine several predictions into a single betting slip. The benefit is that you can greatly magnify your winnings. The risk is that an incorrect prediction will lead to a loss.


Claiming free bets and bonuses


Bonuses, when used correctly, can help you minimize losses and increase your winnings. As such, always look for fair bonuses from time to time. Many cricket betting websites offer free bets to new and loyal players.


New players often receive generous freebies. For example, you can get a 100% offer up to 10,000 rupees. Or you can get a free bet where the wager is not returned but you get to keep your winnings.


How can you identify a great bonus? Read the terms and conditions involved. From qualifying odds and withdrawal limits to full play-through, the value of a bonus is determined by its terms and conditions.


Keep emotions out of it


A crucial betting tip is to always keep emotions out of the process. This is particularly important when one of the IPL teams is your favorite club. You will always feel confident about the team and this could prompt you to place bets based on emotions.


The most successful sports bettors treat cricket betting as a professional job. They use statistics and facts to analyze games. And they only place a bet if the data and not their emotions show that there is a great potential for profit. 


Importantly, professionals keep records of their work. They also budget their money to avoid overspending or underspending. So create a budget and stick to it.